Tools and Education

Professional Services for Professionals
We love to work with Professionals of all kinds - physicians, teachers, attorneys, and others. There are often special loan programs are available for certain types of professionals, particularly new graduates! These loans may include:
  • 5% Down payment to $1,000,000
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Homes, Lofts and Condos eligible
  • Will accept a contract as evidence of future earnings (for those right out of medical school!)
  • Student loans that are deferred for 12 months are not counted in qualifying ratios

You work hard and you have specific needs as a busy professional. We know your time is valuable and have services to fit your lifestyle.

Your Valuable Time

  • We are available to you at any time via your communication method of choice (voice, text, email) to minimize disruption of your busy schedule. We will not send off-topic spam email.
  • You will have the option to e-sign contract documents on your tablet or computer screen if you so choose, giving you the ability to complete the transaction from anywhere in the world, at any hour.
  • If you're not available to view a home we will post photos and a video tour on-line.
  • Basically, we want to work with you the way you want to work.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • It's 2020. We're mobile and we take advantage of today's technology to make the entire process easier for you. Our favorite place to do business is a coffee shop.
  • The Vision Team prominently advertises on all major search engines and social media websites, aggressively promoting your home's listing to buyers looking for houses in your area right now.


  • We practice strict confidentiality with all clients. Your finances and purchase details are never shared with anyone outside of the sales transaction (even if your mother referred you to us).

Your Partner in the WHOLE Process

  • It takes a team of people pulling in the same direction to have a real estate transaction close successfully.
    We work with some of the finest professionals in the valley and are happy to make a recommendation.
  • We do not accept kickbacks from anyone.
  • If we give you the name of any service provider, contractor or entity for any purpose it's because we know them, like them and trust them.
  • In a real estate transaction you have the right to choose any provider you want and our recommendation is simply a recommendation. Please let us know your experience with these providers or if there‚Äôs someone we should add to our list.